Crush the Quarantine Challenge: Holy Week

Today's Challenges (April 9): Eat Together Thursday

  1. Post your #JesusChangedMyLife 60-Second story (If you haven’t yet).

  2. Choose a passage to read: Post a picture. Matthew 26:17-29; Mark 14:12-25; Luke 22:1-23; John 13:21-29

  3. Prepare a passover meal or dish (or seder meal/dish) and eat it with your family (you can do an online search for seder/passover recipes). 

  4. Take communion with the Church at 7pm on Facebook Live or Instagram

Good Friday

Holy Saturday

Stuck at home? Kids going crazy?

Need something to take your mind off the news?!

Well, we’ve got something to get you motivated and moving--the “Crush the Quarantine” Challenge! 

Each day, we will post a list of fun, interactive community-wide challenges for us to do during this quarantine on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Daily winners will be picked and announce the next morning. 

We will pick a Grand Prize winners every Tuesday and Sunday. (Prizes will be awarded for the Grand Prize winners.)

We’ll pick winners based on how many likes your post gets, how creative/innovative your picture/video was, and(or) how many challenges your family completed. 

It’s kinda subjective, just roll with it.

Each day's challenge will be posted by 7:30AM.

To qualify:

  • You must follow the Church at Lake Mead on Facebook and Instagram. But anyone can play. We’re talking the whole town here!
  • Post pictures of you and your family/household doing the daily challenges with the hashtag #LMCRUSH and be sure to tag us @churchatlakemead in every post. 
  • Remember, if your account is private we won’t be able to see your posts.
  • Post your pictures daily.
  • If you can’t use social media, email your pictures to (but you need to know, we might post them on our social media.)


  1. You must post (or email) a picture or video for the challenge to count.
  2. The challenges end at 7:30 PM each night following the Church at Lake Mead's prayer times on Facebook and Instagram.