Pray First


Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM & 11:00 AM

Pray First

As we enter 2021 our rally cry must simply be, “Pray First.”

We have experienced global, national and personal situations, good and bad, and it is a crucial that our first action is to pray. For 21 days beginning January 10th we're calling the Lake Mead community to pray with one voice. We encourage you to set up your own reocurring gatherings with friends and family and in your Life Groups.

Before the day begins —
Before you go to bed —
Before you go to work or school —
Before you send that text —
Before you react —
Before bad things happen —
Before you eat, drive, or travel —
In every situation — PRAY FIRST!

21 Days of Prayer Guide

Week 1 Focus - This week we focus on praying for God's Wisdom over those in various leadership positions.

  • January 11: Pray over all the different churches in the valley  

  • January 12: Pray over families 

    • Husbands and Fathers

    • Wives and Mothers

    • Daughters and Sons

    • Grandparents 

    • Extended families

  • January 13: Pray for the Foster Care system and Adoptions

    • Families with children in the foster system

    • Families with foster kids in their home

    • Case workers

    • CASA workers (Court Appointed Special Advocates volunteers)

    • CAP Attorneys (Those who represent the needs/desires of the children in the system.)

  • January 14: Pray over those who are dealing with loss

    • Widows/Widowers

    • Parents who have lost their children 

    • Children who have lost their parents

  • January 15: Pray over all Childcares, Schools, Colleges, Universities

    • Students, teachers, staff

  • January 16: Pray over the Lake Mead Wellness Center

    • Counselors and clients

  • January 17: Pray over the Church at Lake Mead 

    • Pastors, church staff, and lay leadership, 

    • Unity in vision and mission 

    • Sunday Worship Services

Week 2 Focus -  This week we focus on praying for God's Presence to be evident and tangible to people and through those who know Christ.

  • January 18: Pray for racial reconciliation in our nation

  • January 19: Pray that the lost would come to know Jesus

    • Effective outreach services

    • Personal Gospel impact with neighbors, family, friends, co-workers, etc.

  • January 20: Our Leaders on the National Level 

    • President, Congress, House of Representatives, Supreme Court

  • January 21:Our Leaders on the State and City Level

    • Governors, Mayors, City Officials, First Responders, Judges

  • January 22: Pray over our cities

    • Henderson

    • Las Vegas

    • Boulder City 

  • January 23: Pray over those who are dealing with sickness (COVID-19, Cancer, etc.)

  • January 24: Pray over the different international mission efforts to reach our world with the gospel

Week 3 Focus - This week we focus on praying for God's Grace to invade people’s lives.

  • January 25: Pray that the global church would be united together to make much of Jesus

  • January 26: Pray for the Church at Lake Mead’s outreach efforts to reach our city

  • January 27: Pray that we, as ambassadors of Christ, would impact the world around us with the gospel

  • January 28: Pray over church body that they would grow closer to Christ each day

  • January 29: Pray for God’s wisdom to know how to move forward in this pandemic

  • January 30: Pray that revival would happen in our country

  • January 31: Pray over our nation that God would be glorified